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Dear Jane,

It has been a while since I last heard from you, but please feel no pressure to respond immediately. I know that you are very busy down in the Capital. It has been rather dreary and damp up here in NYC. This makes it hard to pry my ass out of bed in the morning because the grey outside makes me want to bury my head under a pillow and sleep more. I feel as though we are finally getting our typical April showers, but in June, and the air is humid and muggy.

As you know, my move last weekend went much smoother than I thought it would. The last time I moved was two years ago. I packed my dorm into my future roommate’s Kia Soul and felt as though I had extremely too much shit and that I was being judged. It didn’t help that the girl driving the car was definitely judging me. This time I was convinced I had too much shit and that the movers were going to show up, take one look at my 22 copier boxes full of possessions, 10 bags of clothes, and 5 pieces of furniture, and tell me I was a hoarder, I had too many boxes, and they would have to charge an extra five hundred dollars to move me from Queens to Manhattan.

Reality was much kinder. My movers were early, kind, respectful, and competent. They moved me quickly and never once complained about anything. In return, I tried very hard not to hover and look like I was slowly dying from extreme anxiety. I don’t know if I succeeded, but I tried.

I am settling in slowly and tentatively into the new apartment and roommate. I haven’t finished unpacking, and I am trying to curb my instinct to spread. Every time I see a pile of my stuff in the living area I quickly move it into my bedroom, which looks like a war zone, but that is nothing new. The bathroom is tiny, but I do believe I unclogged the bathtub finally after what seemed like fifteen minutes of fishing around in the drain with my finger and a pound of slimy hair later.

The grocery store is only three blocks away and the laundry mat is two and a half. I purchased a laundry bag last night and hopefully will get some laundry done this week. It feels awkward to walk down a busy street with a laundry basket overflowing with dirty clothes. I don’t want people seeing my mound of panties and bras and gross gym clothes. Additionally, I am now located within easy walking distance of three subway lines. Super exciting for me! No more mile long walks every time I need to get anywhere.

I went to Special Edition NYC this past weekend and it was a lot of fun. It started out a little iffy, the line to get in on the first day was at least 4 blocks long and it was raining steadily. I did manage to end up next to a very nice young woman who told me about her job at a doggy daycare. She showed me some of her bruises and other injuries from overenthusiastic dogs and dog fights. Did you know that dogs will still hump things even after they have been neutered? Apparently there is one dog at this daycare that revenge humps dogs. If he doesn’t get his way he’ll go over to other dogs and start humping them and then look over at the humans like “HA SEE WHAT I AM DOING! SO THERE!” Then there is a gentleman dog that humps other dogs and then immediately looks guilty and slinks off after he has been chastised, but can never seem to stop himself from getting up on other dogs.

Once inside I went straight into a panel because you are never too old to stop learning. All the panels I attended were interesting. I went to the creative panels where the discussions mostly revolved around creative process and obstacles in the creative realm (mostly surrounding diversity). It was both enlightening and redundant because I had learned a lot of it in my MFA program. But it was nice to hear about other people’s creative processes. They weren’t able to help me with my main problem of world-building because as their medium is comics they all seemed perfectly at ease with world-building and most of their ideas start as plot/theme/world whereas I flounder under a plethora of characters and very little plot or world. I am definitely going to take their advice and try to reconnect with the real world more to hopefully help with inspiration.

There were so many awesome artists and I pretty much wanted to buy everything and commission a million pieces, but mostly restrained myself. I bought six Hawkeye comics (The High Hard Shaft parts 1-6) and am excited to read them. I am very thankful that my co-worker is letting me read her copies of Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye. I also picked up a bunch of business cards and have added many of them to my tumblr and twitter and I have vowed to use the power of the internet better because I am very lazy about social media. Many of the artists said, at their panels, that they got jobs from tumblr and twitter.

This week is starting to look like another busy, busy week! Tonight is dinner with a school friend, Wednesday I have an appointment, Thursday is coffee with my Irish friend, and then Friday will be cooking and laundry, but Saturday might pan out to be a relaxing day for me. I am so looking forward to sleeping in!

All my love,


P.S. – I also indulged and bought myself a 4 day pass to Comic Con NYC. FUCK YES!